• Nicolas Vahé gift set, nice to give, nice to receive

Nicolas Vahé makes it a point of honor to make products from excellent raw materials with perfect quality. They create amazing taste experiences and combine ingredients that you will not find anywhere else. A Nicolas Vahé product will always give you an extraordinary experience.

Giftset “Deli Aceto”


 Giftset Deli Aceto - Nicolas Vahé 1 x Aceto Balsamico Modena (250 ml) 1 x Olive oil Chilli (250…

Giftset “Deli BBQ”


 Giftset Deli BBQ - Nicolas Vahé 1 x BBQ sauce (250 ml) 1 x Olive oil with French spices (250 ml) •…

Giftset “Deli Honey”


 Giftset Deli Honey - Nicolas Vahé 1 x Salad Dressing honey and mustard (250 ml) 1 x pepper mix…

Giftset “Deli Garlic”


 Giftset Deli Garlic - Nicolas Vahé 1 x Olive oil with garlic (250 ml) 1 x pepper mix with grinder…