Giftbox “Verbena”


Giftbox Meraki Verbena

1 x Meraki fragrance sticks Verbena
1 x Meraki Scented Candles Frozen

This gift box contains fragrance sticks from Meraki that bring nature into your home. The set of 2 Meraki scented candles complete this gift box.

All this nicely wrapped in our Boxxxie Giftbox .

Diffuser Verbena drizzle

Diffuser Verbena drizzle

• 240 ml
• h / 26 cm - diam 5.6 cm

Spread a lovely and calming scent at home with Meraki's diffuser, Verbena Drizzle. The diffuser comes in a simple bottle with small wooden sticks that spread the lovely scent in your room and home. Use the diffuser in your bathroom and place it on a tray or in combination with other decorative elements to create a stylish home decor.


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Scented candle frozen meadow

Scented candles frozen meadow

• 2 pieces in tube
• h : 7 cm - Ø 5.6 cm

Scented candles are wonderful for creating comfort and a well-deserved moment to unwind. Frozen Meadow comes with a warm scent of pumpkins which is perfect for the autumn and winter months. You get a set of 2 scented candles with a burn time of 12 hours. With the white glass, the design reflects the time of year and sets the right mood for self-pampering. Use it in the living room or bathroom to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere away from everyday stress.


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