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Clover Gin Classic & Gimber

1 x 500 ml Clover Gin Classic(40%)
1 x 500 ml Gimber

2 Belgian top products, Gimber and Clover Gin, meet each other. You can make a delicious mocktail with the Gimber, but you can also combine it with this subtle Gin. A package for both a non-alcoholic and an alcoholic aperitif. Something for everyone.

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Clover Gin Classic

Clover Gin Classic

• 500 ml (40%)

Clover gin is a traditionally made gin that has a fresh and spicy taste. This gin is the best drink in combination with a neutral tonic. The fresh floral touches make it special. Enjoy !


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Gimber Apero - 500 ml

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Gimber non-alcoholic aperitif drink

• concentrate
• 100% organic ginger drink
• 500 ml (14 kcal / 100 ml)

A full and healthy alternative to an alcoholic aperitif. This ginger drink is concentrated and 100% organic without alcohol, but full of character! A tasty mix of organic Peruvian ginger, lemons, herbs, spices. A tango for your taste buds. Shake the bottle, mix with fresh sparkling water and you have a great drink ... without the hangover!

What does ginger do to your health?

  • it is a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • lowers your cholesterol
  • can significantly reduce menstrual pain
  • has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • reduces osteoarthritis and (rheumatic) arthritis, osteoarthritis
  • increases the absorption of nutrients, acts as a hunger
  • keeps your blood sugar level in balance and helps with weight loss
  • ensures healthy digestion
  • helps with bloating and flatulence
  • improves brain functions
  • can remedy many forms of nausea (motion sickness, morning sickness ...)

Some nice and quick recipes
Curious for even more recipes? Take a look at our blog page

30 ml Gimber
20 ml cold sparkling water
a slice of lemon
20 ml Gimber
200 ml warm water
mint sleaves
10 ml Gimber
10 ml wodka
Champagne brut
raspberries as the final touch
20 ml Gimber
40 ml apple juice
10 ml lemon juice
10 ml sugared water
200 ml Tonic

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