Nona June – 700 ml

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“NONA June, the alcohol-free cocktail experience without compromise.”

• 700 ml
• 19 kcal/100 ml
• 100% Belgian

If you choose an alcohol-free cocktail, you should not lose in terms of taste and experience. That is why Charlotte developed NONA June. NONA is Latin for nine and refers to the 9 botanicals that have been incorporated into the spirit. June refers to the juniper used during distillation. Juniper is also the main ingredient of gin. A complex distillation process provides the essence of NONA June, starting with a distinct citrus flavor followed by a spicy touch. By using only the best natural ingredients, she distilled the first Belgian alcohol-free spirit.

Some nice and quick recipes

5 cl NONA June
10 cl Indian tonic waterPour everything together over ice & garnish with fresh basil & orange zest.
5 cl NONA June
3 cl Lemon juice
2 cl honey syrupAdd all ingredients in a shaker with lots of ice and hard shake. Strain in coupette without ice. Garnish: mint leaf or lemon zest. Tip Make your own honey syrup by heating 1/3 of water with 2/3 of honey until the honey is dissolved.
5 cl NONA June
3 cl lemon juice
2 cl sugar syrupFill a highball glass with ice. Add NONA June, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Make up with soda and stir gently. garnish : lemon zest / lemon slice Optional set: thyme sprig

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