It is much more than a simple teapot to take with you everywhere. The Qwetch infusion bottle is equipped with 2 filters for 2 exclusive infusion processes:
• A long filter for a temporary infusion
• A short filter for a permanent infusion
• 100% leak-free.
• Inner and outer walls of borosilicate glass.
• The inner part of the lid is made of stainless steel 304 (18/8)
• Hot / cold for 1 hour

And they are sustainable products that tend to ZERO WASTE. All Qwetch products are sustainable because they are washable and infinitely reusable bottles, drinking cans and lunch boxes. No more boxes, cutlery and plastic bottles that swallow tons of waste every day.

The possibilities with the infusion bottle are endless and super healthy!
A wonderfully refreshing fruit mix or a real Detox mix.
My favorites are:
• Water + lemon + lime + grapefruit + cucumber (a real detox drink)
• Water + orange + blueberries
• Water + strawberries + fresh mint

You can make a warm infusion with all loose tea. A mix of fresh ginger, lemon and agave syrup
I also love it! Once you have an infusion bottle, it becomes a nice addiction to try out everything and you cannot live without it anymore 

You can buy them here.